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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fish before the Freeze!

The Grand River has risen due to snow melt but it is still very fishable.  Numerous steelhead were reported to be caught on Sunday by anglers putting their boats in at Grand River Landing.  Most fish were in the 10lb range but there were a few reports of 13+lb fish.  Several reports of success were also received from Beaty Landing and Mason's Landing early in the week.  Anglers are also still getting steelhead off the short pier in Fairport. 

The Chagrin River is currently on the low side but fishable.  Reports of success have been sporadic and most steelhead have been on the smaller side.  Public access to the Chagrin River is at both entrances of Chagrin River Park and at Pleasant Valley Park.

Colder weather means less pressure on the fish as fewer anglers are out.  Dress warm and get out to fish before the rivers freeze up! 

Ed McMullin caught this 13lb. Steelhead Thanksgiving Day on the Grand River