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Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Steelhead Spring!

It's time to dust off those waders and head out to the water!  While the Grand River is still too high and muddy, the Chagrin River is fishing well.  Multiple reports have been received from anglers along the Chagrin of reasonable fishing conditions.  Try either entrance of Chagrin River Park or head over to Pleasant Valley Park.  While the fishing is currently a little slow, it could light up at any time.  Several of the Grand River tributaries look good but no reports of fish have come in yet.

The parking lot at Helen Hazen Wyman has been cleared and is now open so that anglers can access Big and Kellogg Creek.  At this time the bathrooms are still closed due to heavy flooding at that park.  Liberty Hollow parking is open, but still limited to 5 cars only.  Please do not park along the road to access this park.  Seeley Road to Indian Point Park for access to Paine Creek is finally open!  As always this is a bumpy dirt road that needs to be traveled with caution.  Vrooman Road from Route 84 is still closed so be sure to come in from the other side of the river.  Please be careful throughout all the parks as several areas along paths and steps are still very icy.  Grand River Landing remains closed.  We hope to get some heavy equipment into that park early next week to remove what the floods left behind.

Happy Fishing!  Please send in your pictures to

Happy on the Chagrin River!

Chagrin River Park Reeves Rd 3/20/15
Chagrin River Reeves Rd 3/20/15
Chagrin River Rural Drive 3/20/15
Big Creek at Liberty Hollow 3/20/15
Big Creek at Helen Hazen Wyman 3/20/15
Paine Creek at Indian Point 3/20/15

Paine Creek at Indian Point 3/20/15
Mill Creek at Hogback Ridge 3/20/15
Chagrin River at Pleasant Valley Park 3/20/15
Grand River Landing remains closed.