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Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Trout stocking completed today at Veterans Park

Granger's Pond at Veteran's Park was stocked today with 1200 pounds of fresh, lively rainbow trout.  There were also a few bonus palimino and brown trout.  Most of the trout were in the one to two pound range, however there were also several larger fish.  Hurry out now to enjoy the Fall colors and some great fishing!

Underwater view of the Rainbow Trout that were stocked today at Veterans Park

Carrying nets of trout to be placed in Grangers Pond

Another full net of trout for the pond

More trout for Grangers Pond at Veterans Park

Adding more trout to Grangers Pond at Veterans Park

The trout arrive in a large trailer and are scooped out to be carried to the pond.

Underwater view of a Palamino Trout that was in today's stocking at Veterans Park

An interesting view of the dock at Veterans Park taken with the underwater camera.

Let the catching begin!!