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Friday, November 13, 2015

More Fish stocked in Lake Metroparks!

Several Lake Metroparks ponds received a boost in bass population yesterday.  We added about 1000 lbs. of small Largemouth Bass to ponds at Veteran's Park, Penitentiary Glen, Girdled Road and Concord Woods.  This should give a good boost to Spring fishing in these locations.  There are still some great Fall fishing days left as these ponds are still active with healthy fish.

The Grand River currently has plenty of flow and plenty of steelhead throughout the system.  Fishing has been challenging with the most success being reported closer to the Lake.  The short pier has had some very exciting days with many anglers reporting double digit success.  The Grand River is settling nicely after recent rains and should fish well this weekend, baring any more heavy rain.

Grand River 11.8.15

Girdled Road 11.6.15

Veterans Park 11.12.15

Veterans Park 11.12.15