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Friday, May 13, 2016

Several Lake Metroparks ponds stocked!

This week Lake Metroparks completed their annual stocking of the parks' ponds.  The waters of Hidden Lake, Concord Woods, Girdled Road, Penitentiary Glen and River Road all received a nice bonus of Largemouth Bass (larger than 12"), Bluegill, Fathead Minnows and Golden Shiners.  This annual stocking is a nice boost to anyone who enjoys fishing in our ponds.  Take a kid fishing, and enjoy the fun yourself!

Enjoying the day at Mason's Landing 5.13.16

Fish Ohio 10" Bluegill from Hidden Lake on 5.11.16

Fish photography from a unique angle

Stocking Largemouth Bass at several ponds 5.12.16

Stocking Hidden Lake 5.12.16

Stocking Hidden Lake 5.12.16

Stocking Hidden Lake 5.12.16

Stocking several ponds 5.12.16

Big Creek at Helen Hazen Wyman 5.13.16

Jordan Creek 5.13.16