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Friday, November 14, 2014

Time for some snow fishing!

While the snow might be a bit extreme, the temperatures are bearable and the steelhead are biting.  Anglers who have been out braving the cold have been having good success throughout the Grand and Chagrin Rivers.  Get out and fish now while water conditions are still good....once this current snow starts to melt the river will definitly be rising.

Access to Indian Point Park is currently limited due to road conditions and the fact that Vrooman Road is closed at the bridge over the Grand River.  Only the upper parking lot is currently open so anglers should be prepared for a hike to access Paine Creek.  Access to Mason's Landing is open from Route 84 only as the bridge is closed for repairs.  Be sure to verify road conditions and abide by the closing signs.

Dr. Morse had a fabulous day on the Chagrin River last Sunday!

Helen Hazen Wyman (Big Creek) Nov 14

Big Creek at Liberty Hollow Nov 14